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Secure Your Lace

Lace Glue, Skin Protector, Glue Remover and more


Our Secure Your Lace Products

Discover the complete range of our high-quality products designed to perfect your lace front installation. From our Secure Your Lace Glue ensuring a seamless hold to the Glue Remover for effortless removal, we offer a comprehensive solution. 

The Wax Stick aids in precise application, while the Skin Protector ensures a gentle experience. Our Edge Band provides added security, and the Melting Spray guarantees a flawless finish. Elevate your confidence and style with these essential tools.

Unveil Perfection

with Our Lace Essentials

Simplify Your Installation with Our Secure Your Lace Glue

Discover the key to a flawlessly seamless installation with our Secure Lace Glue. Engineered for excellence, this glue is formulated to be water-resistant, sweat-proof, and entirely non-toxic. Its rapid-dry technology ensures a swift and transparent finish, offering a discreet and natural look.

Experience long-lasting confidence as our glue securely holds for 2-4 weeks, provided you follow proper application and maintenance guidelines. To safeguard your results, allow a minimum of 48 hours for the lace to set before exposing it to water.

Effortless Unbonding: Lace Glue Remover

Unveil a stress-free removal experience with our Lace Glue Remover. Specially formulated to dissolve lace adhesive without compromising your natural hair or delicate skin, this powerful yet gentle solution ensures a clean and hassle-free detachment. Whether you’re switching up your style or giving your scalp a breather, our Lace Glue Remover simplifies the process, leaving no residue behind. Enjoy a smooth transition and get ready for your next flawless look with ease.

Seamless Comfort: HD Wig Cap

Discover the pinnacle of comfort and discretion with our HD Wig Cap. This cap ensures an ultra-thin and breathable layer between your skin and wig. Its seamless design guarantees a natural fit and prevents any irritation, even during extended wear.

Say goodbye to telltale lines and discomfort, and say hello to a seamless, confident look. Our HD Wig Cap complements your style effortlessly, allowing you to embrace each day with ease and poise.

Seamless Lace Fusion: Introducing Lace Tint Mousse

Welcome to the future of lace integration with our Lace Tint Mousse. Elevate your look to perfection as this revolutionary mousse effortlessly melds your lace with your skin tone. Crafted for a flawless and natural transition, our mousse ensures a smooth finish, free from any distinct edges. The lightweight and adaptable formula empowers you to customize your shade, rendering your lace virtually undetectable. Step into a world of confidence and beauty, where every hairstyle feels effortlessly yours. 

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